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Longmire Church of Chirst is invloved in training preachers around the world through the Bear Valley Bible Institute.  Even places as far off as Tanzania.

To learn more about the Bear Valley Bible Institure and the work they are doing, click here


This effort has built Bible Schools in Arusha and Moshi and a Preacher Training School in Kisongo and continues to work for the purpose of strengthening the congregations, enabling them to be self-supporting and self-propagating, and to train Africans in Africa to teach other Africans the Word of God.
This is part of an ongoing plan begun in 1998 by Cy Stafford and the Kensington Woods Church of Christ to accomplish this work.  The work continues under the oversight of the Bear Valley Church of Christ.  The ultimate goals are self-reliance, self-propagation, and independence. These goals will be achieved by teaching the African people the Word of God in such a way that they in turn are equipped to teach their own people. 
Here are the tools that enable this work to happen:

The Andrew Connally School of Preaching (ACSOP) is named after the late Andrew Connally who was a pioneer in Tanzanian mission efforts.  The school is located in the Kisongo area just outside of Arusha. The campus has a library, classrooms, kitchen, offices, dormitories for up to 48 students, guest quarters, and large covered patio area for large gatherings. Due to a partnership with the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, CO, graduates of ACSOP receive a Bachelors degree in Bible.  A Masters program is also available.
Education is highly valued in Tanzania and these men value this Biblical education. They come from all over East Africa to receive this education. So far, ACSOP has trained around 200 evangelists.  These men return back to their home country or region to teach or preach what they have learned in this school. The graduates have been partly responsible for the planting of more than 150 new churches, not only in Tanzania, but also in the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya.  Because of this school the Gospel is not only being taken throughout Tanzania, but into all of East Africa.

The Arusha and Kilimanjaro (Moshi) Bible Schools have a different purpose than the ACSOP. The goal of these schools is to allow anyone the opportunity gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible. The program is open to both men and women who are willing to attend.  The certificate program is two years long and is conducted in the evening four nights a week.  Many of the students are new Christians who are able to grow more in two years of intensive training than they might in 20 years otherwise.  This has resulted in a much higher level of spiritual maturity in the local body.
These schools have also been great tools for evangelism.  Each new class admits 24 students, about half of which are nonmembers.  If they stay through graduation, then they are taught the Word so thoroughly that they complete the program as New Testament Christians.

"Safari For Souls” campaigns occur each year between May and July at a number of villages in or around Arusha. During the course of that time 75-100 short term workers will come to Tanzania.  This results in various congregations being strengthened through lectureships and Gospel meetings, along with the evangelistic outreach that takes place. Evangelism is conducted through in-home Bible studies, tracts, and Bible correspondence courses.  These campaigns also do an amazing amount of spiritual good for the campaigners themselves.

The Tanzania Leadership Conference is attended each year by 80-100 evangelists from throughout Tanzania. The goal is to teach and train God’s men of Tanzania in the area of leadership responsibility.

The Future Preacher Training Camp is a one week, intense, training program for young men ages 13-27. These campers have demonstrated maturation, zeal, and commitment. They are proving to be great workers for the Lord at their young age.

Tanzania Christian Camp is a great highlight for the youth of the Church and their friends when they join in a week of “spiritual feasting”. John Rice (Director of Backwoods Christian Camp in Lineville, AL , Ben Thompson (former missionary with TZ2000) and Burt Fuller (Director of another Christian camp in AL.) helped to get this program started in 2009. 

Stay up to date on the Tanzania Mission by following their blog at

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