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It is difficult to believe that we are now halfway through the final month of the year, but we certainly are. Time flies!

This is also that time of the year that we naturally take inventory of our priorities and our budgets. Churches evaluate missions spending and individuals practice wise stewardship by taking advantage of tax breaks. (All money given towards funding new schools will be added to monies already in place for that, essentially doubling the amount).

If we can answer any questions you might have about how you can be involved, simply reply to this email.

The school that has perhaps produced the most preachers so far is the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. I was on hand for its first graduation in 2003 and they just celebrated another one last week. Among the dignitaries present, were Bear Valley church of Christ minister Neal Pollard and his wife, Kathy, who is Bear Valley Dean of Women. Neal has sent us a report from Arusha, Tanzania. 

The West Coast School of Evangelism in Takoradi, Ghana reports that recent evangelistic activities have resulted in the baptism of 17 souls! Add to that their growing agriculture program and things are really looking up there. 

In Tamale, Ghana they have also just celebrated a graduation, but they are also rejoicing over a new class of 18 students! This extension has made significant improvements recently and they are beginning to show.

The entire country of Zimbabwe is hopeful that recent changes in the government will bring about relief to their struggling financial situation. Please join me in praying for that. But none of the challenges have kept the students and staff from excelling at everything they do. This school is an encouragement to many!

In both Wotutu and Mbanga, Cameroon, the students have recently been treated to the teaching of three Americans who have gone there to share their time and wisdom. These short term visits are an aspect of the work that add much value to the program.

In the country of Kenya, they have also had their share of recent political turmoils but things seem to have taken a turn for the better. They are excited about breaking ground for a permanent structure to house the Kenya School of Preaching. Check out this report to see what's going on there.

In Ibadan, Nigeria, the school has slated a schedule of campaigns that will take them through the rest of the year. And, thanks to our friends at Healing Hands International, they too are in the process of learning how to raise poultry. 

They are rejoicing in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine of the the that the school has been able to obtain a van to be used in eVANgelism. The previous lasted 16 years and they are already making good use of the generosity of the brethren who provided the funds. 

As always, we thank you for your continued prayers, support, and partnership, as we train preachers all over the world.

Until all have heard,

Keith Kasarjian
Director of Extension Studies

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