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Napal Newsletter-Dec 2017

Dear Christian Brothers and Sisters:

As we say good-bye to 2017 and welcome 2018, let’s do a brief review of the past and take a look at the future.

We graduated eight students in October.  They completed their two years of Bible Study and Preacher Training.  In November we welcomed our new class of students.  It consists of four young men and for the first time we have female students also.  We have five young ladies taking the same classes and curriculum.  That begins with basic classes on OT and NT books.  After their holiday in April/May we will add classes like How To Study The Bible, Christian Evidences, Christ’s Church, The Plan of Salvation, many other classes. Later this year and in 2019 we get into sermon preparation and delivery., which will be for men only.  The ladies will have classes on teaching children.  All students will attend the same classes on teaching adult classes and personal evangelism.

We have been, and will continue to be, very active in earthquake relief.  It is a process of evaluating needs, setting priorities, working toward achieving those greatest needs, and re-evaluation as we see progress and learn more. 

The need for re-evaluation has proved to be most valuable in knowledge and decision-making.  I will give one example.  The District that we originally placed as #1 priority was Dhading, because of the extent of damage, the poverty of the people, plus it’s high altitude and remote location.  That was a wise decision.  Much good has been accomplished there.  The extent of their needs are so great that recently an independent charity organization has decided to make Dhading District their only location for giving aid.   We can now eliminate Dhading from our list and the people there will continue to receive needed aid.  Khatitok is another area with improvements that will not require future aid from us.  Our funds can be put to higher priority needs in other locations.

The Districts, or Areas, and their present priorities are as follows:

              1.   Rasuwa                   Adjacent to Dhading.

              2.   Makwanpur           High hill area SE of Kathmandu.

              3.   Tanahu                    High hill are west of Kathmandu. 

              4.   Chitwan                  Jungle area south of Kathmandu.

In late January and early February we will distribute all the funds we have in the bank as of January 1, 2018.  The distribution will be as follows:

              1.   Rasuwa                   $14,000.00                   Most villages.

              2.   Makwanpur           $10,000.00                   Next most villages.

              3.   Tanahu                    $  8,000.00                    Fewer villages.

              4.   Chitwan                  $  5,000.00                    Least number of villages.

                                         This is probably Chitwan’s last financial gift.

We have been promised some more donations from Healing Hands International.  As would be expected, donations began getting less within six months after the April 2014 earthquakes.  That unfortunate situation has continued.   Today Healing Hands International is our only consistent and reliable source of funds. 

We will re-evaluate again in April/May.  All contributions that we receive from January 1 to May 30 will be distributed in June. 

From the very beginning, the church and it’s members in Nepal have been unable to provide the funds for these much needed necessities.  This is an extremely poor country.  Our members are primarily from the lower economic groups.  From the very beginning this project has been in the hands of God.  God has worked through the compassionate generosity of Healing Hands International, Partners In Progress, individual congregations, and some individual donors.  With faithful prayer we will leave the future in the hands of God. 

Gajendra Deshar, as Director of Nepal Center For Biblical Study, and Arun Rijal and I, as active teachers and workers, have been honored and blessed to be able to do most of the organization and distribution of aid in Nepal.  The local congregations and their leaders have been helpful, cooperative, very understanding, and extremely grateful for all that has been accomplished.

We are thankful to God, to the leaders of International aid organization, and to each and every congregation and Christian brother and/or sister that generously and compassionately shared this great burden with us. 

In Christian love and service,

Gajendra Deshar            

Arun Rijal                         

Jerry Golphenee             

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